Rimor lovers from around the world: MODO VAN

Tell us about yourselves

Hey everyone! We’re Sofi and Nico, a young couple from Argentina. We met in the office, started working together about 7 years ago, and our relationship began 3 years later. In 2017, we decided to take a holiday to California, USA, and try the motorhome life by driving along Route 1 between San Francisco and San Diego. We fell in love with the lifestyle and saw the possibility to change our lives.

We resigned from our permanent jobs and became freelance workers.  Sofi is a graphic designer and Nico is a programmer. We are lucky enough to be able to do a job we love that’s compatible with this lifestyle, which is to LIVE in a motorhome.

In July 2019, we went to Spain with a one-way ticket, knowing that everything would change. We settled in Galicia, Spain and waited until we were able to buy our motorhome. After viewing several, we walked into a dealership that offered us several options, which is how we found our Rimor. On August 13, 2019, we picked up our motorhome from the dealership and since then it’s been our home, one that has accompanied us on a journey of over 20,000 kilometres and 10 countries.

Your Rimor’s ID card:

  • Model: Rimor Super Brig 677 TC
  • Birth year: 2008
  • Km travelled: 91,000 km (we bought it with 69,000 km, we have covered 22,000 km and have visited 10 countries)
  • Nickname: “Motorhome Mode” (The name comes from “Airplane Mode” of mobile phones. We live in “Motorhome Mode” 🙂

The 3 advantages of travelling in a motorhome

○    Without a doubt, the best thing is getting up every morning and asking ourselves: What are we doing today? Where are we going? Where are we going to sleep? Which country are we going to? Not having a daily routine, opening the map and saying: “Tomorrow I want to wake up here”, is incredible. One day you find yourself sleeping on a beach, another day in the mountains… What more could we ask for? It’s a dream come true.

○    Having your own house in tow. Carry the things you need and get rid of everything you don’t (at least that’s what we intend to do), and it will take you everywhere!

○    The community of travellers is huge, everyone helps each other solve any problem that comes up. Nowadays there’s a lot of communication and information available. Knowing that there are so many people willing to help you out at any time is a huge advantage. You also get to know other new travellers and have new experiences.

The strangest encounter on one of your trips

We don’t know how strange it is, but it ended up being a good anecdote. One morning, we decided to go for a walk on the Ribeira Sacra. We were looking for different places and as we continued along dirt roads, we reached some really beautiful landscapes. During the afternoon, the rain had turned the earth into mud and when we tried to get back to the main road, we ended up getting stuck. We tried several times to free our Super Brig from the mud, but with no luck. We spent the night on uneven ground, in heavy rain, with barely one bar of reception on our phones.

We looked up our position on the map and discovered that we were in the middle of nowhere. The next day, we tried to find a tow truck, but no one was able to help us. We were afraid we’d have to stay there for several days. Luckily, we had enough food supplies for a few days with us. After the first night, we walked to the main road to try to get some help. Only by pure luck did we happen to find two guys on a tractor who offered to help us get the motorhome back onto solid ground. Thanks to them, in less than an hour we were back on the road!

First and last trip with your Rimor

○    Our first trip was to the Costa da Morte in Galicia, Spain. We planned to follow the Road of the Lighthouses (O Camiño Dos Faros) in our Super Brig. We had a bit of a bad experience because the fishing villages have very narrow roads with lots of curves. We’ll never forget that trip. We learned to plan our trips with the size of our house in mind.

○   Our latest trip was from Barcelona to Madrid, where we accompanied old friends to celebrate their wedding. Unfortunately, it fell afoul of the COVID-19 restrictions in place. We wouldn’t have been able to go if we hadn’t had our motorhome.

Tell us about your favourite trip with your motorhome ever

Wow, hard to say. We’ve travelled through so many different countries over the last few months. But we can almost say without a doubt that the first few days we were on the road were the best. The feeling of adrenaline in our veins in those first kilometres, those first roads and landscapes, coupled with the fact that we were travelling with our home, was priceless.

The day after having taken delivery of our motorhome, a couple of friends joined us to travel together for two months. They helped us to adapt to life in it. We think that was one of our best trips because we discovered so many new things together and also visited places we’d never imagined seeing. In two months, all four of us together travelled the entire coast of Galicia, the coast of Portugal and then Spain, France, Monaco and Italy.

Who is/was the best travelling companion? How about the worst?

○   The best travelling companions were all the visits we made. We met up with dear friends, relatives and friends we hadn’t spoken to in a long time. People are very interested in knowing and discovering WHAT it’s like and HOW it is to travel by motorhome. Everyone is very supportive and ready to help you load/unload water and plan each trip.

○   The worst companion on the trip was the bad weather. Heavy thunderstorms can be scary at night, but they’re more bark than bite. The good thing is that it’s easy to start the motorhome and move on 😉

3 pieces of advice you would give to someone thinking about getting into the world of motorhomes

1 | The first piece of advice – the one we always give – is that you absolutely must try it! It’s a way of touring that you might not immediately consider if you haven’t already had this experience with your family, but it actually has many benefits. There’s nothing like trying it out to get an idea of this way of travelling.

2 | Then we’d recommend asking. There is a huge community of people willing to answer any of your questions or give you advice.

3 | And finally, you’ve got to be brave. The first step is the one that costs the most, but the reward is enormous. It’s an incredible experience. “Who dares wins ;)”

Which do you prefer: free camping v. well-equipped structure?

We have no preference for either, but we like to drive our Super Brig everywhere and enjoy a day outdoors with our house right next to us. At a lake, in the mountains or on the beach, having our home close by makes us feel more comfortable.

What are 3 of the most beautiful and functional features of your Rimor?

For us, our Rimor is the most functional motorhome among all the ones we’ve seen. Though it could be because we’re in love with our house on wheels :). A big fridge, two comfortable spacious armchairs, a bathroom with a separate shower, a big worktop in the kitchen, a giant garage in which you can also store a motorbike, and two double beds. We can’t ask for more than that.

But the 3 things we like most are:

  • The kitchen. While one of us is using the sink, the other can comfortably cook without getting in the way
  • The bathroom with a separate shower, where we can move around without any problems.  The most frequently asked questions are always about the bathroom.
  • And our living area, where we spend most of our time working.

You can follow their travel adventures on Instagram: @modovan