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The blog manifesto

The blog manifesto

Blog sweet home is inspired by Rimor’s motto.

For us, world sweet home means not only experiencing the whole world in complete freedom, but also turning it into a family-friendly place, to be respected and cared for as if it were our own home. For us, travelling in a motorhome also means spreading values and therefore we came up with a genuine manifesto. Here are the ideas we can all refer to when we travel with our favourite means of transport.

Curiosity is our engine. The real motivation that always pushes us a few kilometres further, in search of something new to discover.

Happiness is in the journey, not in the destination. Spending so many hours on the road has taught us that it is movement that makes us happy. And that the most beautiful destination is always the next one.

Every place is home, so there’s no fear of getting lost. Losing your way just means finding a new one.

A change of plans is the main ingredient of every holiday. Major roads are tempting and quickly get you to your destination, but it’s the detours that provide the unexpected.

Breaks are essential, as are stops along the way. Stop, observe, reflect, turn off your mind for a few minutes and, if the sky is clear, look up at the stars.

Sharing is essential on every level. From the smallest everyday gestures to the biggest dreams, the real joy is sharing them with someone.

The simpler it is, the more effective it is. If something can be solved with two pieces instead of ten, it usually works better and lasts longer.

Flexibility helps you adapt faster. So you’re always ready for every new adventure and always open to new horizons.

Respecting nature is a must, but most of all it’s a pleasure. There is nothing more beautiful than exploring unspoiled places, knowing that you have not affected their beauty.

Being yourself is the best way to be happy…and also to be understood immediately. Welcome all the strong, colourful and eccentric personalities, as well as the quiet, calm and silent ones. Living in a motorhome is being part of a big family.

These are our values, which we share with you, as we look forward to our – and your – next trip!