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The column on the road with the Stoops

The column on the road with the Stoops

Experiences, tips and itineraries: «We will tell you about the wonderful motorhome life»

Hello motorhome enthusiasts,

we welcome you to our column. Who are we? We are the Stoops, a family that a year ago has decided to make motorhome a lifestyle. Together with Rimor we will share everything you need to know about travelling en plein air, from the most classic experiences to the most adventurous trips, route recommendations and practical tips and tricks. With this column, which we will write by our own hand during our travels, we hope to offer you many useful information and curiosities, ideas on new places to discover and tips for planning your next motorhome trip. But first, let’s move on to the presentations.

Who are we?

We are the Stoops, a big family. We are six travelers: mom, dad and four young children.

Nicolas is the captain of the family. Well, at least when it comes to driving: mainly because he loves being behind the wheel and also when we encounter traffic he is always patient.

Valentina is the real captain: she always manages to spread a good mood and make even the longest journeys more fun.

The rest of the crew consists of two girls and two boys:

The eldest is Sophia, seven years old. She is an adorable big sister and a real adventurer, always ready to discover new places. It’s so sweet to listen to her and her brother Raphael, five years old, daydreaming about the places where they have been and imagining what they’re about to discover.

Raphael is an absolute nature lover and fascinated by sunsets. Every single day he loves to stop and admire the sundown.

The younger brother is Alexander, two years old, a true volcano of energy. His favorite amusement? Spend the whole day outdoors, running and exploring.

And then there is the smallest member of the family who is only four months old: Anna. She’s still a baby, but we have already understood something of her character: she is an angel and loves the motorhome life as much as we do.

What makes our story special?

We are a normal family with an unordinary lifestyle. We have been traveling and discovering the world for a year with our beloved motorhome, a Rimor Seal 5. We decided to tell the stories of every departure, every trip with videos, photos and articles, all made by us. We also gave our motorhomea name: our Seal 5 for us is “Oreo”. Oreo is a welcoming and reliable partner, he has never let us down.Even when we chose the most challenging routes, he always proved to be up to it. With him we have been on countless beaches, on many wonderful mountains. We visited picturesque villages, crossed metropolises, climbed mountain passes and crossed seas on board ferries. We did not even miss off-road bumpy rides. We could say that Seal 5 is our best friend and we know him better than anyone else.

From now on we would ideally like to take you on board with us. We would like you to accompany us on future trips, to discover the world. Waiting for the next departure, we want to start showing you, with the first articles, how we have organized and prepared ourselves. Are you up for it? Yes? Then we officially welcome you aboard our Seal 5!

Sincerely yours,

Also known as TouristsWithKids