À la recherche de l’emplacement idéal. Édition 2022

To give your imagination a boost and make you dream that little bit more, every year we go in search of the most exciting places you can visit with our motorhomes and vans. They’re unique and sometimes little-known places whose magic we try to capture with photos and images.

The motorhome life is synonymous with freedom. The possibility of seeing limitless landscapes, sunny and lonely beaches and visiting places near and far in comfort is really the secret of a unique way of travelling. In this article we will tell you about the locations we found during the filming of the 2021/2022 season. So get your engines running and set off with us!

Elba Island

Considered one of the most beautiful islands in Italy, it’s an oasis of green and blue in the waters of the Tuscan Archipelago, where nature reigns supreme. It’s also where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled in 1814 and where he remained for 10 months as ruler of the Principality of Elba.

We chose Le Calanchiole campsite (www.lecalanchiole.it) as our location, which allowed us to use the beach and pitches. The small bays near the campsite and along the cliffs and a clear, transparent sea ideal for bathing and swimming in search of the beautiful marine fauna offer truly dreamlike scenery.

Among the places we have selected is the delightful town of Marciana Marina, the smallest one on the island. It lies in a semicircle on a seafront decorated with tamarisk trees and will certainly draw the attention of your camera lens, perhaps at sunset or in the evening.

Also on the island is Cavoli beach, definitely one of the most beautiful as well as one of the most popular during the summer. There’s time to both shoot and take a dip in the surrounding azure waters. From its fine sand, we moved on to the rocks of Chiessi, surrounded by granite cliffs. This is a perfect place for windsurfing or snorkelling.

Driving along the panoramic road of Capoliveri, we reached the southern end of the island, where we took the opportunity to take a few shots of our vehicles in motion. The wild nature is made up of rich vegetation which sits close to the sea and accompanies visitors all the way to the beach of Punta Calamita. It was a great excuse to stop and catch the magic of the sunset and end our fantastic experience on Elba Island.

Lake Iseo

Halfway between the cities of Bergamo and Brescia lies Italy’s fourth largest lake: Lake Iseo. It’s a small jewel nestled between the mountains and also hosts a little gem right in the middle of its water basin, Monte Isola, which we recommend you go to and take advantage of for a bit of trekking.

Riva di Solto was both our base of operations and one of the selected locations in the area. Among its olive groves and vineyards overlooking the lake, you’ll enjoy an extraordinary feeling of peace and relaxation. We were particularly amazed by the cliffs that plunge directly into the lake waters. Not far from here and further inland is the hamlet of Vigolo. We took the opportunity for a visit and thanks to the splendid view of the lake, taking a few photographs was easy.

Following the coastal road, we arrived at Castro. Here we found a beautiful terrace on the lake with maritime pines and some benches on which to enjoy the view. Also not to be missed are the Rocca, with the church of San Lorenzo, and the Orrido, with its striking vertical rock formations consisting of large slabs overhanging the water. Our tour then continued to the town of Pisogne, which belongs to the Brescia side of the lake, where we enjoyed a pleasant aperitif on the lake and a moment of relaxation on the lido lawn.

Finally, moving on from Lake Iseo made it easy for us to take in beautiful mountain views. We stopped to eat at the Agriturismo Malga Bassa (Facebook) di Onore, which served as our photo and video location. Its cheeses, cured meats and spectacular polenta were invaluable refreshments during production, with typical local products also on sale, ready to be taken home. With our motorhomes and vans we also drove up to the Presolana Pass, which offers a special view of the Orobian Alps. A beautiful and worthy conclusion to our shooting session.

See you next year!