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Thanks to a collaboration between the two companies, a mobile unit has been created to administer drive-thru nasopharyngeal COVID-19 tests.

In order to manage the COVID-19 emergency (whose scientific name is SARS-CoV-2) and to give its support in a time of national crisis, VisMederi requested and acquired the necessary accreditation to carry out nasopharyngeal COVID-19 tests from the Region of Tuscany.

The Rimor brand has shown its dedication to supporting the diagnostics done by VisMederi by providing a motorhome specially equipped for the administration of drive-thru nasopharyngeal COVID-19 tests. The aim is to adapt the service to the needs of the territory in as flexible a manner as possible so as to allow medical staff to carry out their activities with the support of a mobile laboratory.

The drive-thru tests will be carried out by the VisMederi team’s medical staff and done directly from the car window, with results arriving within 24 hours.

Photo credit: Siena News
Emanuele Montomoli, Founder and CSO of VisMederi Srl: ‘Rimor has equipped us with a camper van for diagnostic purposes, and thanks to the collaboration with them on the project for the protection of the territory against health emergencies, we will be able to increase and make more agile our COVID-19 screening activity through the execution of drive-thru tests. We are convinced that the coming together of two solid, dynamic and innovative local businesses like VisMederi and Rimor represents a valuable resource in the fight against the virus and gives an important support to the health authorities in their difficult task of safeguarding citizens’ health.’
Simone Niccolai, CEO Luano Camp Srl: ‘By making one of our motorhomes available, we wanted to do something concrete to support those who, like VisMederi, have decided to take an active part in the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. A true mobile testing facility, this vehicle will be a useful support to the work of health personnel in the difficult operation of tracking the infections which, at this stage, represents an essential priority in trying to contain the spread of the virus.

WHAT IS VISMEDERI? VisMederi is a research and qualified services company that operates globally to support companies and pharmaceutical companies in improving public health through the development and optimisation of safer and more effective drugs and vaccines. Founded in Siena in 2009, VisMederi has always felt close to the region and attentive to public health needs. Over the years, the company has been structured and subdivided into different company branches with focuses ranging from clinical trials to advanced research and diagnostics.