From four wheels to two.

On World Bicycle Day, how and where to experience cycling with your Rimor: Italy Edition.

The bicycle – as well as motorhome life – has always been synonymous with freedom. The reasons are many and varied. Both mean the opportunity to discover new spaces without needing a precise destination, and both demand a different perspective – one synonymous with one who wishes to be in motion while taking time for oneself. June 3 is World Bicycle Day, and we’re celebrating it with an article in which we give you some ideas for activities and places you can discover by combining your two-wheeled vehicle with your motorhome or van.

Some disciplines for mountain bikers.

The universe of two-wheelers really is multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary, and one in which very different styles of riding can be practised.

Let’s start with one that is very much in vogue. Cross-country is done on trails consisting of forest trails, smooth roads, single tracks and paved roads that connect the paths. There are frequent ascents and descents associated with this style that requires good lung capacity and a physical predisposition to exertion, both of which will be put to the test.

On the other hand, all-mountain is the mountain bike discipline par excellence. It consists of long excursions on mountain trails on which you can immerse yourself in nature and discover new destinations, crystal-clear lakes and breathtaking views – relying only on the strength of your legs and calves.

Last but not least, enduro riding – without a doubt the most popular and beloved discipline of recent times. It’s packed with climbs and descents with a much more verve competitive than all-mountain, while still remaining ‘cyclable’, i.e. where you pedal for most of the time rather than trying to make the best time while descending.

For those who prefer breathtaking descents, the whole so-called ‘Gravity’ category enters the scene. Freeriding includes breathtaking descents, jumps of up to several metres, parabolic curves and specially-created trampolines. Downhill, on the other hand, is characterised by the technical level required in the pursuit of downhill time. In this sense, it’s the discipline that perhaps most embodies the original spirit of mountain biking pioneers.

Some absolutely perfect mountain bike destinations to see with your Rimor

Italy boasts more than 18 thousand kilometres of cycle paths. Some of these connect and cross the most beautiful places in the Bel Paese, so rich and diversified in terms of landscape. Some of these routes are more challenging and suitable for sports enthusiasts, whilst others are easier and more dedicated to tourism. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Aosta Valley for Gravity lovers.

There is no better backdrop than the Valle D’Aosta for biking enthusiasts, above all those of push-bikes. Snow-clad peaks dominating breathtaking landscapes, marvellous paths to travel and towns to explore all year round. Like Courmayeur: destination of choice for outdoor sports lovers, with perfectly prepared slopes for winter skiing and a network of trails that are ideal for summer treks. So why not be enchanted, get on your bike and set off on new adventures? One destination we highly recommend is Pila, known as ‘Bikeland’ for many reasons. It’s a vast area dotted with incredible uphill and downhill stretches, extraordinary landscapes with mountains and streams, trails and facilities for all MTB-related activities. Downhill, Freeride, Cross-country: the trails in Pila are vast and offer something to enthusiasts of all levels, from aspiring champions to families, as well as offering numerous attractions such as adventure parks, paragliding and free climbing.

Garda by bike.

The perfect idea for a weekend of cycling and ideal destination to experience with your van or motorhome. The Garda by Bike cycle route consists of 140 km of roads which run along the water’s edge. The surroundings are photogenic, and the entire route winds along the sheer slopes of Lake Garda.

A more challenging tour in Liguria.

For enduro riders, places such as Finale Ligure and the Manie plateau are a real landmark for riders from all over Europe. These slopes can be enjoyed by mountain bike and e-bike alike and feature views of the sea and picture-perfect places such as the Portofino promontory. The Alta via dei Monti Liguri is also not to be missed. 15 itineraries add up to a total of 440 km, and can be selected based on ability and athletic preparation.


The routes of the Eroica Gaiole in Chianti are not only dedicated to fans of vintage racing with bicycles and clothing of days gone by, but are an excellent excuse to explore the Tuscan hills and challenge oneself on the most spectacular up and downs anywhere on the Italic peninsula. There is nothing like stopping for a good glass of wine after a hard ride in the Chianti and Montalcino areas to liven one’s spirit.

Discovering Basilicata.

The Pierfaone Bike Park is the first facility in Basilicata entirely dedicated to two-wheelers and is located entirely in the Sellata-Pierfaone district. It features very fast trails immersed in nature, easily-pedalled stretches and downhill tracks suitable for freeride and downhill lovers. For lovers of the more technical aspects of riding, there are 10 kilometres of parabolas, jumps and narrow paths starting from the top of the mountain at 1730 m.

The Salento ring.

A mostly flat easy/moderate ring-route tour for fans of the fragrances and beauty of the South. The tour stretches out over 210 km in total, which can be covered in parts or in stages. It starts from the baroque jewel of Lecce and runs along the sea, passing through Otranto and Leuca, then up to Gallipoli and back round to Lecce. Since the summer heat can reach up to 40°C, it is best to tackle the route in the off-season, when the tourist traffic is also notably lower.

Bike tour of Sicily.

In autumn and spring, Sicily can become an attractive destination for cycling enthusiasts. Fragrances, colours, sea, and landscapes are the stars of the 1,200-kilometre-long tour along the coast of one of the most beautiful and famous Mediterranean islands. There’s an adventure out there waiting for everyone thanks to the diverse routes for touring bikes which include secondary and less-travelled roads, for mountain bikes, with extensive stretches on white roads and paths, or for racing bikes, for those looking for an alternative way to train while enjoying dreamy landscapes.