Let’s celebrate Tuscany and its beauty

Celebrating the freedom and beauty of ‘camper life’ amid history, nature and the sea

Tuscany is a land of extraordinary beauty, where history blends with breathtaking nature and a crystal clear sea. It is the place where the Rimor brand was born, along with its legacy in the motorhome and van industry. On the occasion of the Tuscany Festival, celebrated on 30 November, we take a moment to think about the connection between Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo’s philosophy of freedom and the spirit of ‘camper life’. In this article, we explore the iconic places that inspired Rimor, from Garfagnana to the island of Elba, offering a fascinating journey through history, nature and the sea.

Tuscany Festival: a celebration of freedom

The Tuscany Festival is a special occasion to celebrate the land where the Rimor brand was born. This event commemorates the abolition of capital punishment, a courageous act backed by Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo. The Grand Duke was a sovereign who set his sights on freedom: an idea that resonates deeply in Rimor’s philosophy and desire to enjoy space and adventure. Life on the road is the highest expression of freedom, and Rimor motorhomes and vans are the perfect means to pursue it.

A natural treasure to explore: Garfagnana.

Garfagnana, the first place we explore on this occasion, is a region of extraordinary beauty located between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Despite its closeness to major urban centres such as Lucca, Pisa and Florence, this land hides surprising natural treasures, medieval villages and ancient forests. We encourage you to explore the medieval villages, imposing fortresses, spectacular caves and nature reserves. Some tips? The Ponte della Maddalena bridge that connects the banks of the Serchio river, the Botri canyon, the castle of Barga and the Grotta del Vento, one of the most spectacular karst caves in the Apuan Alps.

Oasis of Campocatino: A Unique Spot

Oasis di Campocatino is a small village near Vagli di Sopra, known for its breathtaking views and characteristic rural buildings called ‘caselli’. This place has become a Lipu Nature Reserve thanks to the rich variety of bird species that populate it. It is also home to a curious statue of David Bowie, a detail that fascinated our team during the filming of promotional videos for our motorhomes and vans. A curiosity, the nearby village of Vagli di Sotto is located near a lake below whose surface lies the sunken village of Fabbriche di Careggine. When the lake is drained, the village re-emerges for a truly unexpected view. Next appointment? Spring 2024, mark it in your calendar.

Baratti: Magic on the Sea

The Gulf of Baratti is a special place for Rimor, known for its beaches, breathtaking sunsets and for being a nesting site for ‘Caretta caretta’ turtles. This event is carefully monitored to ensure the turtles’ safety. The Gulf of Baratti represents the synthesis of Tuscan beauty, amidst crystal clear sea and unspoilt nature: don’t forget to pay a visit when the weather is good.

Island of Elba: A Jewel in the Mediterranean

The island of Elba is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Italy. This jewel in the sea of the Tuscan Archipelago is an island of green and blue, dominated by nature. The town of Marciana Marina is the smallest on the island and has a charming promenade, perfect for enjoying the sunset or a pleasant evening. On the island, we recommend a visit to Cavoli beach, famous for its beauty, and the Chiessi rocks, ideal for windsurfing and snorkelling. Capoliveri’s scenic road leads to Punta Calamita beach, where you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset to crown the experience.

In short, Rimor is a brand that celebrates the beauty of Tuscany, freedom and a real connection with nature. These iconic places are an integral part of our history and inspire those who choose to embrace ‘camper life’. The Tuscany Festival is a special occasion to reflect on these roots and to look to the future with enthusiasm. As the lyrics of David Bowie’s songs suggest, the journey is the destination and, thanks to Rimor, every trip can become a world sweet home.