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Beauty around the corner: Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden and Norway.

Beauty around the corner: Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden and Norway.

Unspoilt nature, wide open spaces and all the excitement of adventure – the countries of Northern Europe are a popular destination for those who want to explore life in the open air to the fullest. There is really no boundary to the green expanses of England, Ireland and Scotland, as well as the beauty of their wild coastlines and the welcoming nature of their people. And there is no nature more untouched than the lakes, fjords and forests of Sweden and Norway. Thanks to the advice of our dealers, we will share their #BeautyAroundTheCorner with you, so you won’t be mere tourists, but expert travellers in search of the little treasures unknown to most people.


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Bempton Cliffs

Cast your eyes out over breathtaking landscapes and observe rare natural species. The Bempton Cliffs reserve on the spectacular Yorkshire coast is home to one of the UK’s most incredible wildlife shows. Around half a million seabirds gather here between March and October to raise their ‘family’ on the impressive cliffs overlooking the North Sea.

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Lost Gardens of Heligan

An enchanted place in Cornwall, surrounded by trees and magical natural statues. These gardens are considered among the most popular in the UK, and typical of the 19th century Gardenesque style. They were created by members of the Cornish Tremayne family from the mid-18th century to the early 20th century and are still part of the Heligan family estate. After an unfortunate period of neglect, they were restored in the 1990s, a magnificent undertaking which was the subject of numerous television programmes and popular books.

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Trentham Estate

A royal palace and splendid gardens: Trentham Estate was first mentioned in the Domesday Book, written in 1086. At that time, it was a royal manor; before that an Augustinian priory originally occupied the site, which was followed by a convent. The gardens have won numerous awards. The contemporary revival of the famous Italian gardens was led by designer Tom Stuart-Smith. To the east of the Italian gardens are the Rivers of Grass and the adjacent floral labyrinth, both designed by the eminent Dutch planter Piet Oudolf.

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Elm Hill

Elm Hill is a historic cobblestone alley in Norwich, Norfolk, with many of the buildings dating back to the Tudor period. It takes its name from a succession of elm trees that once stood in the small square at the top of the hill. It fell victim to a fire in 1507, and was completely renovated in 1927. Today, its delightful buildings and houses are home to art galleries and book and antique shops.


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The silent beauty of Scotland. Also known as the golden beaches of Morar, the coast of Arisaig is often mentioned as one of the most beautiful in the UK. Also serving as the stunning backdrop in the film Local Hero (1983), it is perfect for a short walk, kayaking in the sea or simply relaxing in the turquoise waters.

Northern Ireland

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The Gobbins Cliff Path

A spectacle that will take your breath away: The Gobbins is an exciting 3km-long cliff-top route in Northern Ireland that includes spectacular tubular and suspended bridges, a staircase, caves and tunnels carved directly into the rock. Both the incredible landscape as well as the biodiversity that calls this area home are fully on display for you to admire.


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A little gem in the south of Ireland. The town is known for its imposing Cashel Fortress, a medieval complex on a hill overlooking the town. A Gothic cathedral, tower and castle from the 15th century are the highlights of this significant archaeological site. The Brú Ború cultural centre hosts concerts and shows.


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Gamla Uppsala

Don’t let the large green meadows confuse you, Gamla Uppsala is an area rich in archaeological remains dating back to prehistoric times. During the Middle Ages, it was the largest village of Uppland and was the nucleus of the Swedish Crown’s landholdings, the so-called Uppsala öd, of which the western part was the royal property itself, the kungsgården.


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Skudeneshavn is the perfect encapsulation of the idea of a traditional Norwegian village. Here, lighthouses guide ships to Skudefjorden and across the North Sea. It is also home to large sailing ships and you will absolutely love the charm and old-fashioned flavour of this town. Founded on the incredible success of herring catches at the beginning of the 19th century, the town has grown at a surprising pace. Even today, almost 130 original wooden houses and waterfront piers have been preserved in ‘The Olde Town’, preserving the spirit of the time.