A journey through the quality of our partners: Renolit

In the world of recreational vehicles, there are many factors that determine the choice of a motorhome or van, such as its solidity, type of floor plan and bed layout, functionality of bathrooms and kitchens, and intelligent solutions which enhance the experience of life en plein air. But the difference in terms of perceived quality comes from the details and finishings.

When it comes to these aspects, Renolit is one of our most special partners. It’s a family-run company world famous for its technical excellence, modern product design and expertise in plastic materials. We decided to pay them a visit and had the opportunity to discover their innovative spirit, as well as their great helpfulness and expertise.

For more than 75 years, Renolit has been setting standards for quality and innovation, which is why we chose this specialist company for some of the furniture decorations in our motorhomes and vans. Their support was crucial in adding an extra touch and providing an even more pleasant feel and elegant appearance. For example, the grey wood-effect panelling in our Seal range.

And that’s not all. The doors and wardrobe doors in the sleeping area of the Evo models with central beds (Evo 66 Plus and 69 Plus) are both elegant and functional details. Their weight-to-durability ratio, waterproof sealing and resistance to scratches, stains and chemicals make them ideal for interior fittings. They are exceptionally easy to clean–the cover is even anti-fingerprint, leaving them perfect even after heavy use.

This quest for quality is evident throughout the production chain, which we have been fortunate enough to personally appreciate, and which has always been guided by the highest idea of sustainability. The numbers are certainly significant, with over 30 production sites and more than 4,800 employees worldwide, but it’s the commitment to reducing energy consumption, constantly decreasing the need for raw materials and implementing recycling measures that is at the heart of Renolit’s future vision and makes our partnership a source of pride.

Renolit has been dedicated to the principle of the circular economy for several years already, and since 2016 the ‘Renolit goes Circular’ programme has been in place in order to avoid waste, use resources efficiently and recycle. The future is just around the corner and innovative thermochemical recycling processes are already being studied. Plastic waste will be converted into base materials comparable to raw materials and could be used entirely for the manufacture of new products.

All these features are the reason why we chose Renolit for our motorhomes. Our collaboration has an eye on the future–ours and that of all lovers of nature and life en plein air!